Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's Connect

Hey All... so this is my blog.  I have been kind of quiet.. Well really quiet.  I have been spending  a lot of time writing my upcoming novel and now it is time to get my ass in gear and start promoting myself and having my friends, colleagues PIMP me.. Yes, I am being pimped.  Weird.  
I am not very savvy with this type of thing but I'm a quick learner!

I Hope to release my novel in 2013.  Everything is really happening so fast!  I have met some great writers on Facebook and they have been so helpful and encouraging and of course the girls and GUY in the Writers' Block!!   Shout out to my peeps over there.  They have been the best throughout this process.  I can't believe I've gotten this far. 

Just two months ago I typed out my first page of my novel and now I am at 60k and counting!! 

So, please follow me.  If you do, I'm sure down the road I may have some giveaways and contests... No promises until I figure this thing out!

Thanks for following and pimpin me..! =) 

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