Friday, August 30, 2013

Crazy week.  I am awaiting my MS from the formatter and I will be hitting publish shortly.  I just cannot thank all of the people that helped me through this!!! I love you all.  I am nervous and excited, pacing back and forth in my kitchen anxious to see what happens with this labor of love!! If I get just one to buy it and say they love it then I have done my job!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Just sat down in front of my computer I don't know what to write in my blog.  I just have a hard time with this type of thing.

First book is with my editor, started book two and I'm staring at my screen.  Something is missing. Not sure.  Could be my music?  Ideas. I don't know.  I'm stuck. Yeah, it's okay to get stuck.  More time to ponder your next steps.  That's what I'm doing, devising a plan of action as I wait anxiously for my MS to be returned to my tired hands so I can make sense of it all!

For now, I am going to pop in my earbuds crank up the music and start Chapter 6 of book 2.  The ideas will come, the will travel from my brain to my fingertips that anxiously rest on my keyboard waiting to bring my characters air.

Good night.