Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your Existence- A poem to My 2 Babies

Your Existence

You entrance into this world was so beautiful
Like a rainbow that appears after a spring rain
Like freshly fallen snow
So pure and breathtaking

You grew within me
A seed that blossomed into a soft being
In my arms
Your coming will be forever etched in my mind my soul

My vision is framed in hearts
You are my new eyes
I see the world through you, with you
My little angel

I cherish every moment
From your first smile, your first step
Your first uttered words
When you wrap your little arms around my neck
And say "Amo Mommy"
The joy that you bring me!!

When you are ill
I feel your suffering
Not able to save you
But only comfort you
Wishing whatever ails you to disappear

The little time that you have been here
I have gained so much from your presence
How to love wholly
Joy to the extreme

All the things that were there
As I was a child
That disappeared with the years
The innocence
Is now exposed
What was once Hidden and locked away
You have opened
The child in me is Reborn

A new life a new beginning

Two new lives
Two new beginnings
As you grow
I grow
As a child
As a mother
I am complete

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